Crane Scale

  • Mechanical Dynamometer with Towbar Load Cell

    Mechanical Dynamometer with Towbar Load Cell

    This is specifically useful for carriageway clearance for emergency services. Rugged, lightweight and compact slots onto any tow-hitch whether standard 2″ ball or pin assembly with ease and is ready to use in seconds.

    Products are constructed with high quality aircraft grade aluminium and features an advanced internal design structure that provides the product with an unrivalled strength to weight ratio but also allows the use of a separate internal sealed enclosure providing the electronic components with IP67 waterproof.

    The load cell can be displayed on our rugged and wireless handheld display.


  • GNH(Handheld Printing)Crane Scale

    GNH(Handheld Printing)Crane Scale

    The high temperature resistant electronic crane scale has a complete computer communication interface and a large screen output interface that can be connected to a computer.

    The outer surface of this high temperature resistant electronic crane scale is fully nickel-plated, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and fireproof and explosion-proof types are available.

    The high temperature resistant electronic crane scale is equipped with a mobile four-wheel handling trolley to increase the service range of the high temperature resistant crane scale.

    Overload, underload reminder display, low voltage alarm, alarm when the battery capacity is less than 10%.

    The high temperature resistant electronic crane scale has an automatic shutdown function to prevent battery damage caused by forgetting to shut down




    New: New circuit design, longer standby time and more stable

    Fast: high-quality integrated sensor design, fast, accurate and stable weighing

    Good: High-quality fully sealed, maintenance-free rechargeable battery, high-strength impact resistant aluminum alloy case

    Stable: perfect program, no crash, no hops

    Beauty: Fashion appearance, design

    Province: Handheld remote control, convenient and powerful

    Main performance and technical indicators:

    Display specifications Ultra-high brightness LED 5-seat high 30mm display

    Reading stabilization time 3-7S

  • GNSD(Handheld – Large Screen)Crane Scale

    GNSD(Handheld – Large Screen)Crane Scale

    Wireless electronic crane scale,  beautiful shell, sturdy, anti-vibration and shock resistance, good waterproof performance. Good anti-electromagnetic interference performance, can be directly used on electromagnetic chuck. It can be widely used in railway terminals, iron and steel metallurgy, energy mines, factories and mining enterprises.

  • OCS-GS(Handheld)Crane Scale

    OCS-GS(Handheld)Crane Scale

    1High-precision integrated load cell

    2A/D conversion:24-bit Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital conversion

    3Galvanized hook ring, not easy to corrode and rust

    4Hook snap spring design to prevent weighing objects from falling off

  • OTC Crane Scale

    OTC Crane Scale

    Crane scale, also named hanging scales,hook scales etc., are weighing instruments that make objects in a suspended state to measure their mass (weight). Implement the latest industry standard GB/T 11883-2002, belonging to OIML Ⅲ class scale. Crane scales are generally used in steel, metallurgy, factories and mines, cargo stations, logistics, trade, workshops, etc. where loading and unloading, transportation, measurement, settlement and other occasions are required. Common models are: 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T, 20T, 30T , 50T, 100T, 150T, 200T, etc.